We treat your dog like family.

Our focus.

Mile High Mutts is a small business whose only concern is quality dog care. Our goal of superior customer service and satisfaction requires dedication on the part of all staff members and vendors. The vision manifests itself in three ways: high quality day care and boarding, competitive pricing, and excellent customer service.

We know your dog.

We strive to train your dog on how to better behave in doggie society and, even more importantly, HUMAN society. While it may sound silly, there are very specific techniques that we use that make our day care special. Our staff is long term. We train our employees in the art of reading a dog. Every single staff member is required to not only know every single dog, every single day – they are also required to know their personalities and the idiosyncrasies that make them special.

A day in the life.

As with a child’s day care, routine is extremely important. The dogs know when things will happen and they are used to the handlers that are working with them. Our dogs are required to find and maintain their manners.

We do not allow barking. Constant, excessive barking is not normal dog behavior. It is highly stressed and aroused behavior and is not conducive to calm and enriching play. Stressed dogs are more likely to develop colds.

We do not allow jumping, mounting, rough play, body slamming or extreme chasing, although we frequently place our highest energy dogs in the “Driveway Pen” which can be viewed on the cameras for fast paced, rousing games of throwing the ball. As an example of the in-depth training we frequently do, the dogs allowed in these high-energy playgroups are screened and must be polite, or they are not allowed to play. Polite means not barking, snapping, biting or growling and coming when called. Running, chasing and jumping are allowed. Not allowing them to play if they misbehave (separating them from the group and timeouts if they start barking) trains them to contain themselves the next time. We have these high-energy groups every day so it usually only takes a few times of losing their chance before they get with the program.

Our approach to toys.

We have LOTS of toys for the dogs to play with. We train the dogs to play properly with the toys and sometimes the process is long. We may take the toys away from the dog or give time outs while teaching them proper play. We may do name recalls (dog must come and sit by our side) or they may even have to do the “Walk of Shame” and be on leash walking next to a handler unable to participate in play. But once they improve their behavior, they are free to join in the fun.

A safe and clean facility.

We are a fully insured facility and we have a relationship with Dr. Amy Rupp at Urban Vet Care in case a problem were to arise. We adhere to strict cleaning and deodorizing standards to make you dog’s time with us pleasant and safe.