Shooting for a zero carbon paw print.

At Mile High Mutts, we strive to be environmentally conscientious in every aspect of our business.

Yes, we actually recycle your dog’s poop.

We are proud to partner with a great company called Envirowagg. Utilizing a process developed in Alaska where dog sledders are required to protect the pristine environment, Envirowagg turns dog poop into compost. So, at Mile High Mutts, instead of being dumped into the landfill, your dog’s poop helps plants and flowers grow at parks and gardens throughout our community.

We never put waste into the storm drains.

Other doggie day cares wash their yards and push that water to the curb, street, alley, or storm drain. At Mile High Mutts, we have created a retention pond that catches 100% of the urine and fecal matter from our yard. We are located right next to the Platte River, so we know firsthand how important it is to keep our city and all of its waterways clean.

Our facility is powered by the sun.

Mile High Mutts took a huge step forward with the installation of solar panels and we are now a green energy producer – since we produce more than we are able to use, we sell the surplus back to Xcel. (It makes us super happy to be able to do our part in reducing the need for coal-fired energy production!) It took years in the planning and will take still more years before the system is paid for, but at Mile High Mutts we believe there are more important issues than the bottom line.

Dog by dog we are working to make the world a better place.