Waaaaaay better than staying at home.

Most dogs need socialization and would rather be with other dogs and people instead of sitting inside all day waiting for you to get home. When you bring your dog to us for day care, they will have structure, a nice mid-day snooze and lots of canine and human friends to play with.

Day Care Hours

Day care is from 6:15 a.m. to 7 p.m. seven days a week, 365 days a year.* If you need your pet to stay late, we charge an additional $3 per hour past 7 p.m.

Our absolute last pick up is 8:55 p.m. (At 9 p.m. our boarding guests go outside for their last potty break of the day and we simply can not leave them to come up front. Thank you for understanding!)

*You may have read somewhere that we open at 6:30am, but we really do open at 6:15am!

Indoor Play Areas

We have an 8,400 square foot building with three separate HVAC systems.

Our playrooms are large and fluid. There are accesses built from all sides. Our dogs play all day with the exception of naptime. Naptime is from 12-2 p.m. and is necessary to keep the dogs healthy and happy. Most of our dogs are used to 12+ hours of sleeping not 12+ hours of a very active daycare. Giving them a nap in the middle of the day, in their own safe space, allows them to get into a deep restorative sleep.

Outdoor Play Area

Our outside play area is 12,000 square feet and our fence is 11 feet high. We have solid screening around the fence for the protection of the dogs.

There are six oversized garage doors throughout the building that we open every single day to create air flow and access to the outside. During nice weather these doors stay open most of the day. During very hot or very cold weather they are opened at least twice a day just to ensure proper airflow. The dogs almost always have access to the outside as we leave a pedestrian door ajar. We have three separate large HVAC units in addition to ceiling fans and huge wall fans that blow air in and force air out. For very hot days, along with air conditioning we have five 5 x 10 foot shade sails that we hang outside. There is a also large tree to the south that provides shade.

In the summer we have swimming pools and water hoses out every day. We are able to dump our pools multiple times a day and refill with clean, fresh water. We also have ice blocks that we put out to help cool your pup on warm summer days.

We know that there are dogs that love the snow and our dogs are allowed to go outside as long as it’s not actively snowing a very wet, heavy flake. We wouldn’t want them to get too wet and then get chilled. Short-haired dogs are encouraged to wear coats and can stay inside if they show no interest in playing in the snow. In below zero weather, dogs are allowed outside 5-10 minutes at a time once an hour. Arctic dogs like Huskies are allowed to go out to play if they seem interested.

Small dog? Older dog? No problem!

Small dogs have their own space both inside and out to play. Older and mellower dogs can benefit from this area as it has 1/2 inch thick black rubber matting. We have taken every precaution with our small dog area, including putting extra piping in between gates to ensure there are no gaps large enough for escape.