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'Round the Water Bowl

Just as you would for baby, Pet Proof your home to keep your dog safe

Now that winter is in full bluster, humans and pets are spending more time indoors. It can be great for bonding, but it can mean mischief when your pet is thisclose to temptation.

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9 Things You Should Never Feed Your Pet

It’s tempting to think that our dogs can eat the same things we do—after all, they’re omnivorous mammals, too—but our evolutionary paths split millions of years ago, leading to differences in how we digest and metabolize food. We’re sure you know that chocolate and pets don’t mix, but how about that low-cal cookie? Many sugar-free products use a sweetener called xylitol that’s safe for humans but can cause serious, even fatal, liver problems in dogs and cats.

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Do You Need Pet Insurance?

Veterinary medicine has come a long way, with many treatments and procedures formerly limited to humans now available for pets, too. But as the cost for human medical care increases, so does the cost of going to the vet. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that veterinary services increased in cost by over 80% between 2000 and 2011.

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Grooming Application

Grooming Application

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  • Visit the grooming page for more information and pricing.
  • An application and waiver is required.
  • Your dog will be inspected upon drop off. We will get specific instructions from you then.
  • Appointments are required!

There are three drop off options:

  • You may drop off your dog in the morning and it can participate in daycare for a half day. Half days are $12. Your dog will then go down to be groomed between 12 and 2 and we will call you when they are done.
  • You may drop off your dog in the morning and pick up in the evening. Your dog will be groomed and taken out for a couple of potty breaks but will otherwise stay in the grooming salon.
  • You may request a 3 hour appointment window.

Pet Grooming Form

Human Information
City / State / Zip Code
Mobile Number:
Phone Number:
Email Address (so we can send you pics):
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Are you applying for:
Daycare Boarding
Emergency Contact Information
Phone Number:
Vet's Name:
Vet's Phone Number:
Dog Profile
Dog's Name:
Dog's Sex:
Male Female
Spayed or Neutered?:
Yes No
Dog's Breed:
Dog's Color:
Dog's Date of Birth:
Style in which you'd like your dog cut?
Anything your dog does not like? Is your dog allergic to anything?

*         I acknowledge and agree that, in accepting my dog to its facility, Mile High Mutts, Inc. (“Mile High Mutts”) has relied on the information provided by me in my dog’s application.  I affirm that all information provided in the application is accurate including my representations that my dog is in good health and has not harmed nor shown aggressive or threatening behavior towards any person or any other dog.

*         I understand the current fees for services at Mile High Mutts and understand that they may change at any time with notice.  I agree to pay for all such services at the time that my dog is dropped off.

*         I understand that I am solely responsible for any and all acts and behaviors of my dog, including any resulting harm to people, property or other dogs, while my dog is at Mile High Mutts.  I agree to indemnify Mile High Mutts and hold it harmless from and against any and all claims made, for losses or damages of any kind whatsoever, or suffered by Mile High Mutts or any third party, as a result of my dog’s attendance at Mile High Mutts.

*         I understand that Mile High Mutts is a place where dogs co-mingle in groups.  I recognize that there are inherent risks of illness, injury and even death when dealing with animals.  I acknowledge and agree that neither Mile High Mutts nor its owners, officers, employees or agents will be liable to me or any other party for any illness, injury or harm to my dog that may result from or while attending Mile High Mutts’ facility, including if such liability is a result of the negligence of Mile High Mutts or its owners, officers, employees or agents.

*         I understand that my dog may be placed in a crate for "time outs" (not to exceed 15 minutes), at nap time, for overnight care or if injured.  I understand that spray water bottles and, with my permission, citronella bark collars are used for correction as deemed appropriate in Mile High Mutts’ sole discretion.

*         I understand that, should my dog become ill or be injured while at Mile High Mutts, my dog will be treated as deemed best by Mile High Mutts in its sole discretion.  Mile High Mutts reserves the right to administer aid and/or to take my dog to any available veterinarian.  In the event that a medical problem is deemed to be serious in nature, I understand that Mile High Mutts will contact me immediately.  I acknowledge and agree that I will be solely responsible for paying for any and all expenses that may be incurred for my dog’s medical treatment at Mile High Mutts’ direction.

*         I understand that prescription medication must be delivered in its original container and can only be administered by Mile High Mutts under the direction of a licensed veterinarian and in accordance with the labeled instructions.

*         I understand that, if I request grooming services, my dog will be washed (shampoo and conditioner), ears cleaned, nails trimmed and anal glands expressed.  I understand that hypoallergenic products will be used but allergic reactions can occur.  I understand payment is due at drop off but additional charges may be incurred due to coat condition (extremely matted or soiled) or aggressive behavior.  I understand that equipment may have to be used to restrain my dog including harnesses, tie downs or muzzles as necessary for the safety of my dog and the groomers.

*         I acknowledge that as required by Colorado’s Department of Agriculture regulations and the laws of the State of Colorado, Mile High Mutts has a working relationship with Harrison Memorial Animal Hospital.  In the event that my dog expires while at Mile High Mutts, I will be notified immediately of the situation and the body will be taken to Harrison Memorial Animal Hospital or will be held at Mile High Mutts for up to four hours at my request.

*         I understand that if my dog is left at Mile High Mutts for a period of three days past a scheduled pick up time, and that I do not contact them, my dog will be considered abandoned and Mile High Mutts will take all necessary steps to turn my dog over to the proper authorities.

*         I affirm that: this Agreement and Waiver and Mile High Mutts’ Rules are the entire understanding between us; I may not assign my rights hereunder; the waiver of any breach will not constitute a continuing waiver or a waiver of any other breach; invalidation of any provision hereof will not affect the validity of any other; Mile High Mutts is entitled to recover its attorneys' fees and costs incurred in any legal action brought hereunder; this Agreement and Waiver will be governed by the laws of the State of Colorado; and venue and jurisdiction will be proper only in the City and County of Denver, Colorado.


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