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'Round the Water Bowl

Six Books Dog Owners Should Read

How much do you really know about your dog? How does your dog see the world, process information and react to it? As someone once said, all generalizations are wrong, and lumping all dogs into a single category has its risks. A laid-back Lab is a different creature than a high-strung poodle or hyperactive Border collie, and understanding the differences among the various breeds can make interaction with your pet more pleasant and productive.

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For The Love of Dogs and Babies

A recent study of women ages 22-45 years who owned a single dog for at least two years and who also had at least one child 2-10 years old found that the bond between the women and their dogs was similar to that between mother and child.

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6 Things You Do That a Dog May Not Like

Much as some people may think it’s the case, dogs aren’t people. Because canines and humans evolved separately for eons before becoming best friends, our minds and bodies function very differently. When we try to impose our instinctive behavior on our four-legged companions, the result can be confusion, or in some cases, outright hostility.

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