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The Best Foods for Your Dog

You love your dog and want only the best for it, and that includes what it eats. Pet food companies know this and that’s why they spend millions to convince you their products are best. No wonder it’s hard to sort through the noise and make the choice that’s right for your particular dog. And to make things more complicated, it turns out there’s no “right” answer.

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8 More Things You Didn’t Know About Dogs

Last month we listed 10 Things You May Not Know About Your Dog. Today while knocking about the Internet, we came across a few more on LiveScience.com that may interest you, too

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Can Your Dog Read Your Face?

Have you heard someone say they can “read so-and-so like a book”? Have you been told to put on a happy face? Facial expressions are powerful means by which humans communicate non-verbally with one another and other species. Can your dog tell how you feel just by looking at your face? Researchers at the University of Veterinary Medicine in Vienna say they can.

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