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'Round the Water Bowl

6 Things You Do That a Dog May Not Like

Much as some people may think it’s the case, dogs aren’t people. Because canines and humans evolved separately for eons before becoming best friends, our minds and bodies function very differently. When we try to impose our instinctive behavior on our four-legged companions, the result can be confusion, or in some cases, outright hostility.

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Is Your Dog a Pessimist?

Dogs certainly have different personalities, but sometimes people go overboard in ascribing human traits and characteristics to their pets. We can usually tell when our pets are happy or sad or bored, but is it really possible to know our pet’s outlook on life? Does your dog look at its bowl as half empty, or half full? A recent article in the Washington Post suggests that different animals may, indeed, see the world differently.

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Picking the Right Collar for Your Dog

Besides acting like an I.D. bracelet for your dog, the collar and its companion, the leash, are the most important tools you have for walking and training your dog. So what collar is best for your dog? It depends on the breed, size, temperament, and health of your pet and the activity in which you’ll be using it. Let’s look at some different types and talk about what they are best suited for.

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