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Great Products for Cleaning Up Dog Hair

Unless you’re the owner of a non-shedding breed like a Yorkie, Dachshund or Bichon Frise, picking up loose hair that your dog leaves on your floors, furniture and clothing comes with the joys of having your fuzzy buddy around. Plenty of vacuum cleaners say they’re good at sweeping up pet hair, and maybe they are, but do they really get the job done right? Here are some products that do.

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Facts about You and Your Dog’s Personality

You’ve heard it said that some people look like their dogs. Personalities, according to phycologist Stanley Cohen can be similar too. Several studies have shown that the choices people make in dogs may be more than skin deep.

Everybody has seen fashionable women with an Afghan, Bichon Frise, or a sleek greyhound and burly gents with bulldogs, either in pictures or in person.

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Does Your Dog Get Jealous?

We usually think of jealousy as being a peculiarly complex human trait, and not a very positive one at that. But a recent study suggests that our canine companions are capable of it, too.

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